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Eastern Trading is happy to work with you to develop a product that complements your food service establishment's image. We provide a wide variety of custom options for each of our product categories.

Dining Kits

Dining kits can be customized with any standard cutlery option from lightweight to full size heavyweight and can contain single or multiple pieces of cutlery. The kits can also contain any of the following items:

  • one or two ply napkins in a variety of sizes
  • wet naps
  • salt, pepper, sugar, low calorie sweetener, or dry creamer
  • stirrers or straws
  • any other item you provide that would fit in our packaging, such as promotional items, printed cards, etc.

Custom printing for dining kits is also available.

Straws and Stirrers

Straws and stirrers in lengths from 5 inches to 16 inches, wrapped or unwrapped, can be customized with a variety of colors.


Cutlery can be produced with your company logo in the plastic.


Along with standard packaging options, Eastern Trading can also package products in custom printed corrugate.

To order, please contact us.